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July 24, 2017

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  1. Battle for the Limelight
  2. Fun Facts About the Testament of Mary
  3. Introducing Grace Lawrence - NLT Summer Student
  4. Subscriptions on Sale Now
  5. NLT Special Resolution Board Meeting


We are feverishly registering participants, planning Pit Stops and race routes, and recruiting donations, sponsors and volunteers for this September’s BATTLE FOR THE LIMELIGHT!

A week remains to get in at the Early Bird rate of $125.00 (Plus GST) – starting August 1st the fee goes up to $200.00 (Plus GST).

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Battle for the Limelight

It takes many hands to keep the Battle running – we are looking for volunteers to help with the set-up of race Headquarters, running the Pit Stops, running the BBQ, and clean up.

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Battle for the Limelight

Northern Light Theatre`s own Top Secret Battle team is actively training for the event. Walking the streets of Edmonton, solving random puzzles, and eating odd foods to prepare for whatever the race organizers throw at them!

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Battle for the Limelight


NLT 2017-2018 season

Starring: Holly Turner
Director, Set & Costume Designer: Trevor Schmidt
Production Manager & Lighting Designer: Adam Tsuyoshi Turnbull
Stage Manager: Jenn Best

Did you know?

  • The Hebrew version of the name Mary is Miriam and the Islamic version is Maryam. Mary is mention only 20 times in the New Testament and is mentioned more in the Quran than in the New Testament
  • When Christianity was spreading, it deliberately took images from the pagan world in which it lived and into which it spread and used those images to convert. Old holy wells and shrines were turned into Christian shrines. There have been [some] images of Madonna and child with Mary seated in a chair with Jesus on her lap. [T]hese images look very similar to images … from some of the pagan goddesses at the time.
  • While Catholic tradition teaches that Mary was sinless, Protestants believe only Jesus was sinless. Catholicism also teaches that Mary was perpetually a virgin; however, most Protestants believe Mary had children with Joseph in the normal manner. The perpetual virginity of Mary was challenged by Matthews’s Gospel, which says that Joseph, “did not have sexual relations with her until her son was born” (Matthew 1:25).
  • The Immaculate Conception is commonly and mistakenly taken to mean the conception of Jesus Christ in Mary’s womb. However, it does not refer to Mary’s sexual condition when she gave birth to Jesus. It is a belief about her own condition at her conception. That is, she was “immaculate” by an act of God at the time she was conceived so she would be sinless and therefore the “fitting” mother of the Son of God. The virginal conception refers to the belief that Mary became pregnant with Jesus by a miracle instead of sexual intercourse. The Immaculate Conception deals with the conception of Mary herself, not that of her son.
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“Tóibín’s text cuts through the accumulated sentimentalities of Marian tradition without denying the need for faith…The Mary we meet, living in a post-crucifixion Ephesus and receiving a pair of unnamed evangelists, is a raw angry woman grieving over the loss of a son taken away from her to become first a charismatic preacher and then the source of a world-changing religion…Tóibín’s skill lies in imagining Mary embittered perplexity without shutting the door on the story’s miraculous element.”
Michael Billington – The Guardian



Grace Lawrence

Grace is very excited to be spending her summer working with NLT on audience development. She has completed her first year at the University of Ottawa studying International Development and Globalization – an education she plans to use to pursue work with non-profits such as Amnesty International and UNISEF. Grace has also been involved with improv for six years and this fall will begin a term as Vice President of Finance and Internal Affairs for the University of Ottawa English Improv Group. When Grace is not at NLT you can find her working at Fort Edmonton Park as a 1920s flapper girl, watching theatre shows, or walking her dog, Coco.


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Season Subscriptions are vitally important to small companies like Northern Light Theatre. Instead of purchasing single tickets, why not consider purchasing a season subscription and see three NLT productions for the price of two! An incredible deal, NLT subscribers are also entitled to perks that are available only to them, such as reserved seating and the opportunity to access one complimentary ticket per season to bring a guest to the production of your choice.

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We cordially invite you to attend Northern Light Theatre’s special resolution board meeting, on Monday August 14th at 7:00pm

On Monday, August 14, 2017 NLT will be holding a Board Meeting, where a special resolution to pass our new updated By-Laws will be made. All members of Northern Light Theatre are welcome to attend.

Please RSVP by Friday, August 11, 2017 to Gina Moe (General Manager) at or by calling the Northern Light office at 780-471-1586

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