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April 28, 2017

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  3. NLT unveils our new season for 2017-2018
  4. Northern Light Theatre's famous ONLINE AUCTION returns on May 4!
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Opening May 5

Coulda lived some sixty years and straighter than an arrow
Toilin' hard fer joy I'd never know
But in sixty years, the books'll read that Clyde and Bonnie Barrow
They drew their lot-and that's the way we'll go!




Book by Will Pomerantz, Andrew Herron & Doug Ritchie
Music and Lyrics by Andrew Herron & Doug Ritchie

May 5- 21, 2017

(Preview May 4)
PCL STUDIO in the ATB Financial Arts Barns (10330-84 Avenue)
PWYC Preview Thursday, May 4 at 7:30 pm
Matinees on Sundays (May 7, 14, 21) at 2:00 pm
Two for One Tuesdays on Tuesday (May 9, 16) at 7:30 pm
NO SHOW Monday evenings



Depression-era bank robbers Bonnie and Clyde were considered ruthless murders, but Bonnie and Clyde – The Two Person, Six Gun Musical explores the true events of their highly sensationalized lives from the angle of their infamous love affair.  With haunting melodies and bold theatricality, this pure fun, rip-roarin’ musical takes you on a wild ride of romance, suspense and old-fashioned shout-outs, highlighting the true events that led up to this notorious couples’ nation-wide crime spree from 1932 until 1934.


Directed by Trevor Schmidt
Featuring Amanda Neufeld and Matthew Lindholm
Stage Managed by Elizabeth Allison
Musical Direction by Nick Samoil
Set and Costume Design by Trevor Schmidt
Lighting Design by Adam Tsuyoshi Turnbull 
Video Design by Matthew Schuurman

Northern Light Theatre is delighted to announce our Salon Series for BONNIE & CLYDE including:
PAY WHAT YOU CAN PREVIEW Thursday, May 4 at 7:30 pm
WEDNESDAY NIGHT SALON SERIES hosted by Colin MacLean Wednesday, May 10
DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE SUNDAY MATINEE with Artistic Director Trevor Schmidt Sunday, May 14 at 1:00 pm

For more information about our Salon Series check out our website at


Tickets available at the door or in advance.
Single Student/ Senior Tickets $25.00 plus GST. 
Single Adult Tickets
$30.00 plus GST. 
Sunday Matinee Tickets $20.00
plus GST.  
Two-for-One tickets available on Tuesdays (May 9 and 16).

To purchase or book subscriptions or single tickets, please visit or call NLT (780) 471-1586.

Meet Our Cast

Amanda Neufeld

Amanda Neufeld (Bonnie Parker)
Amanda is ecstatic to be making her Northern Light Theatre debut as the fascinating and iconic Bonnie in the “Two Person, Six-Gun Musical”, Bonnie and Clyde. Amanda was recently seen playing several deliciously fun characters in the Guy’s in Disguise original and Sterling nominated musical Klondykes! Other selected credits include: Mae in Reefer Madness, Rona Peretti in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Elvira in Blithe Spirit, Maureen in Rent, and Deb in Ordinary Days. Amanda is also a Sterling nominated director and producer for her company Patient Mango Theatre which has produced the Fringe hits: Hair (official fringe holdover), BARE (3 Sterling nominations) , Reefer Madness (official fringe holdover and 3 Sterling nominations) and this fringe’s 5 star hit Bat Boy: The Musical (co-pro with Straight Edge Theatre). Amanda is overjoyed to be working with this amazing company and brilliant artistic team and to play alongside the stunningly talented Matthew Lindholm!

An Interview with Amanda about Bonnie Parker

Bonnie and Clyde are very iconic characters to play-they are real people!  Did you do a lot of research about the Bonnie and Clyde or did you decide to make your own decisions about the characters from the music and text of the play?

The interesting thing about Bonnie and Clyde is that although they are real people and their exploits were well documented, there's a lot of unknowns about the two as a couple and their time together outside of the headlines. There's a lot of fact and myth sort of blended up together in our idea of the infamous pair. They are as much fictional characters in our mind as they are historical figures. I did find it useful and fascinating to research the historical elements of these characters: the timelines and the factual events of their life which brought them together and put them on this path, but the great thing about this show is that, while it delivers the story we know, it pays much closer attention to de-mythifying the icons and making them human again. We get to flesh out the flaws, quirks, and desires of the individuals as well as exploring the bond of that relationship, which with any other combination of people may not have resulted in the iconic and tragic criminals they became. It's been very satisfying discovering the through line between what we know and what we can only speculate on and filling in those gaps, transforming the myth to relatable and real people making choices and paying the consequences.

Can you talk about working with Matthew Lindholm?  When did you start acting together?  What drew you to wanting to work together often?

In a word: Amazing.

Matthew and I first worked together on a Fringe show I directed in 2010. I literally head hunted him after seeing him in a fringe show the previous year and cast him as the male lead in Hair. Lucky for me, and the success of that production, he gave in to my pleas, and we went on to work together for 3 consecutive Fringe projects until he moved to Toronto 5 years ago. I don't want to embarrass him too much but Matthew is one most talented and giving actors I have ever had the pleasure of working with and a truly wonderful human being and friend. It is an absolute joy and pleasure to be reunited finally on the stage, especially for this production and these beautiful characters.

What are you most excited to share with audiences of “Bonnie & Clyde”?

I think I rambled on about it a bit in my earlier answer but I'm very excited to present these characters as real life people, and share this whirlwind relationship with the audience. For good or ill these were two people who loved each other and dedicated life together, brief as it was, to one another. It wasn't perfect or beautifully romantic and there is as much sorrow and trial as there was ever happiness. They needed one another and for better or worse their life, and ultimately their death, was motivated to filling that need for one another.

What in this show is most challenging to you?

It's a big story and just two of us to tell it. But that's also what makes it so fun ;)

Matthew LindholmMatthew Lindholm (Clyde Barrow)

Matthew is beyond excited to be returning to the stage in Edmonton with an absolute dream team. You can find him performing under his stage name 'Mow Mow' in Toronto at your dingy neighborhood bar.  Matthew is a true Edmontonian outlaw and should most certainly not be trusted.

An Interview with Matthew about Clyde Barrow

Bonnie and Clyde are very iconic characters to play- they are real people!  Did you do a lot of research about the Bonnie and Clyde or did you decide to make your own decisions about the characters from the music and text of the play?

I definitely researched. To me it kind of feels like I need to honor Clyde's legacy… not necessarily as a criminal, but as a human being.

Can you talk about working with Amanda Neufeld?  When did you start acting together?  What drew you to wanting to work together often?

When I worked with Amanda for the first time in HAIR, things just kind of clicked. Which is probably why we ended up working together on 3 more shows. Amanda is such an incredible talent, and I think we understand each other’s vision.

What are you most excited to share with audiences of “Bonnie & Clyde”?

I think it's easy to forget these were actual human beings. I'm excited to show people their humanity.

Meet Our Production Assistant

Northern Light Theatre is delighted to welcome our Production Assistant for Bonnie and Clyde, Jelena Minshall.

Jelena MinshallJelena is a graduate of the Theatre Performance and Creation Program at Red Deer College. She was most recently seen there as Paulette in Legally Blonde the Musical. Jelena is an aspiring director, who loves directing, acting in, and viewing Canadian content for the stage. She most recently directed scenes from Odd Fish by Pamela Boyd, and Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad, which sparked her passion for directing. As a component of Jelena’s final year in the Red Deer College Theatre Program she also had the opportunity to create, direct, and act in her solo performance. Although it was very difficult at times, it proved to her how limitless creativity really is. Jelena hopes in the future to make her mark in Canadian Theatre history, whether as a creator, director, actor, or all three.

Check Out our Rehearsal Studios!

Northern Light Theatre is thrilled to be rehearsing Bonnie and Clyde in the new Shumka Dance Centre.  Thanks so much for having us Shumka!

Shumka Dance Centre

NLT unveils our new season
for 2017-2018

Northern Light Theatre unveils its forty-second anniversary season of producing challenging, exciting, dynamic and controversial works of live performance that showcase what NLT does best: creating theatre with language rich texts that are dark, poetic, funny and which reflect a complex world and lead us to question our hierarchy of values.

Season 2017-2018: The Virgin, The Whore and Something In Between

The Madonna-whore complex, first identified by Sigmund Freud, is said to develop in men who see women as either saintly Madonnas or debased prostitutes.  In sexual politics the view of women as either Madonnas or whores limits women's sexual expression, offering two mutually exclusive ways to construct a sexual identity. While our season title is tongue-in-cheek, it does offer a clever umbrella under which to gather three plays that explore women’s identities in regards to sexuality, religion and the Christian/ Catholic morality of the societies in which they have been raised.

The Testament of MaryTHE TESTAMENT OF MARY by Colm Tóibín (Canadian Premiere)
October 26-November 4, 2017 |  PCL Studio, ATB Financial Arts Barns

Featuring Holly Turner | Directed by Trevor Schmidt

The mother of Jesus tells her story of her son’s crucifixion and questions his death and divinity. The Testament of Mary is a portrait of a very human woman – a mother – who is trying to make sense of and come to terms with the tragic death of her son.

The Testament of MaryDO THIS IN MEMORY OF ME / FAITES CECI EN MÉMOIRE DE MOI By Cat Walsh with French Translation by Manon Beaudoin (World Premiere of a New Work)
Co-production with L’UniThéâtreMarch 13- 25, 2018 | L’UniThéâtre in La Cité Francophone
Featuring Brian Dooley and Nicole St. Martin | Directed by Trevor Schmidt           

Montreal, 1963- and the world is on the precipice of major change in the fields of science, civil rights and women’s liberation.  Twelve-year-old Genevieve- the only girl in her large religious family- wants nothing more than to be an altar server at her church. But Father Paul tells her that girls are strictly not allowed and Genevieve prays to God to change his mind about having girls serve.  So when star altar boy Martin disappears on his way home from school, Genevieve wonders if her prayer has been answered- in the most terrible way. 

The Testament of MarySLUT by Brenda McFarlane (Alberta Premiere)
April 5 – 14, 2018 | PCL Studio, ATB Financial Arts Barns    
Featuring Michelle Todd | Directed by Trevor Schmidt

Matilda is a woman who gives of herself freely.  So freely in fact, that the senior citizens from the complex next door have her arrested for running a brothel.  During an endless night of booking at the police station, Matilda runs a gamut of emotions: joy, regret, remorse, anger, despair and love.  Brenda McFarlane’s witty and fast paced play pries apart social stereotypes and stigmas in an insightful, light-hearted and comic examination of love and sex.


Party with NLT all year long!  Subscribe now to our 2017-2018 theatre season and we’ll give you a half-price adult ticket to see our last show in our 2016-2017 season Bonnie & Clyde, The Two Person, Six Gun Musical! (That’s like paying for Bonnie and getting Clyde thrown in for free!)  Subscribe over the phone at (780) 471-1586 or on online here.

Online Auction coming!

It's coming…

Online Auction coming!

Northern Light Theatre’s famous ONLINE AUCTION returns on Thursday, May 4.  NLT wants to be your online hook up to the best local Edmonton merchants have to offer, with silent auction packages you won't find anywhere else!

With amazing items from: 
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The Junque Cellar
Jason Carter
Janice MacDonald
Happy Harbour
Hamilton Beach Milkshake Maker
Fringe Theatre Adventures
Freewill Players
Fox & Tux
Edmonton’s Weaver’s Guild
ESO Edmonton Opera
DSM Pottery
Die Nasty
Derrick Skating Club
The Cutting Room
City of Edmonton Golf Courses
Citadel Theatre
Chianti Cafe & Restaurant
Carbon Environmental Boutique
BRU Coffee+ Beer House
The Briefing Room
The Blue Plate Diner
Black and Bold
Bamboo Ballroom
Ampersand 27
Alley Kat Brewery
Alberta Yarn Project
Alberta Craft Council
Acquired Taste Tea

Volunteer with us


Northern Light Theatre is looking for some fantastic volunteers on Thursday, May 11 from 11:00 am- 3:45 pm for our May Bingo

Bingo takes place at Caesar's Bingo in West Edmonton Mall (under Simons, beside HMV and Chapters). Volunteers receive a free ticket to our musical "Bonnie and Clyde: The Two Person, Six Gun Musical," a free meal while volunteering and lots of awesome treats and perks.

To volunteer please contact Ellen Chorley (Artistic Associate) at or call (780) 471-1586.

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