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December 13, 2016

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  1. Happy Holidays from Northern Light Theatre!
  2. Congratulations Theatre Yes and the whole production team of ANXIETY!
  3. Edmonton's Changing Arts Coverage
  4. Get Involved! Volunteer with NLT

Happy Holidays

from Northern Light Theatre!

Happy holidays

May the holiday season bring joy to you and your loved ones!

Congratulations Theatre Yes
and the whole production
team of ANXIETY!

Production team of Anxiety

Northern Light Theatre had a wonderful time working on this creepy, stunning, elaborate show. Congratulations to all of the theatre companies from all over Canada who came together to collaborate on this production and to Theatre Yes for making it all happen!

Check out some photos of Northern Light Theatre’s piece SÉANCE as part of ANXIETY.  Photos by Ian Jackson of EPIC Photography.

Séance by NLT

Séance by NLT

Séance by NLT

Edmonton’s Changing Arts Coverage


Dear friends of Northern Light Theatre,

Over the past few months the Edmonton arts scene has witnessed a huge change to the way arts coverage happens.  In the spring of 2016, long time theatre critic and arts advocate Colin MacLean was laid off from the Edmonton Sun- leaving the paper with very little arts coverage and no theatre previews and reviews. 

This past week, the Edmonton Journal similarly slashed their arts coverage to Thursday and Sundays.  Feeling that she couldn’t serve the arts community with only two days of coverage, beloved theatre critic Liz Nicholls left the paper- leaving the Journal without an experienced theatre critic, severely diminished arts coverage and reviews no longer being published.

We believe that quality arts coverage and theatre reviews are integral to our work as artists and the promotion we require to work as a non-profit business.  We are devastated to hear that in a city that is so known for our vibrant arts scene and festivals- quirky innovation, kind communities and start-up mentalities will not be represented in either of our major papers. 

However, as change is a constant in what we do, Northern Light Theatre would love to applaud some new incentives created by our plucky theatre reviewers, and share with you where you can go for arts coverage in Edmonton.

Liz Nicholls has gone independent and has set up a theatre blog called The 12th Night.  You can visit the site at  About the site, Liz says “Coming soon: my theatre reviews, profiles, features, the plays and the players — a guide, all archived, to what’s happening onstage in the city I love best.”  It’s also extremely easy to subscribe to the site so that every review Liz posts will be sent directly to your inbox.  Visit the site and drag your cursor (or mouse) over the bottom right hand corner of your screen.  A little “FOLLOW” button will pop up.  Click FOLLOW enter your e-mail address.  It’s that easy. 

Arts reviewer Colin MacLean has also gone digital as the theatre reviewer for GigCity, an Edmonton based music and arts blog.  Visit Colin online at

Vue Weekly magazine still maintains a firm hold on the Edmonton arts scene- currently publishing both previews and reviews for local theatre.  You can check them out online at or support them by picking up a hard copy in print every Thursday in newsstands around Edmonton. (And it’s free!)

What It Is Podcast is a hilarious and thought- provoking podcast that interviews Edmonton artists about their work and processes run by Edmonton theatre artists Taylor Chadwick, Chris W. Cook and Brian Bergum.  They are fierce Edmonton arts advocates and Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts winners. Listen at or download for free on iTunes. 

After the Houselights  is emerging theatre reviewer Jenna Marynowski’s thoughtful theatre blog. We especially love the way that Jenna writes about theatre because she never hesitates to talk about lasting impressions and personal reflection that the work inspires.  Similar to Liz Nicholls’ 12th Night, you can sign up for all of Jenna’s reviews to be sent via e-mail on the After the Houselights home page.

Louise Mallory writes (as she describes them) “A few notes to save along with the theatre programs, restaurant bills, and concert handstamps” in her blog Ephemeral Pleasures.

For quirky thoughts on theatre (specifically the text and dramaturgy of plays through the eyes of an English major) follow Edmonton’s Savannah Harvey on her YouTube channel The Pretentious English Major

To learn more about the Edmonton arts scene as a whole, or to become an advocate for the Edmonton theatre community follow PACE (The Professional Arts Coalition of Edmonton).  For theatre listings and news, visit Theatre Alberta at

At Northern Light Theatre we want to connect with you, our audiences.  Don’t miss an update - sign up for our newsletter

Also, why not become a reviewer yourself?  If you see our shows, please feel free to e-mail us at to tell us what you think!  We may even publish your review in our newsletter. 

What can you do to help? Let the Journal know we are disappointed and concerned. We encourage you to do so - directly to Mark Iype as Editor in Chief. (

Most of all, the best way you can promote theatre in Edmonton is, and always will be, word of mouth.  Nothing is better than a good recommendation.  So, if you see a show you like, (whether it be NLT’s show or one of our friends at another theatre company) tell a friend.  Tell fifty friends.  Post and share our events on social media.  I often have people tell me “I want to go to theatre, but I don’t know where to go,” so invite a friend to come along with you to a performance.  Introduce friends who don’t usually go to the theatre, to the Edmonton arts scene.

Though arts coverage and promotions may be headed down a different path, theatre in Edmonton is alive and well.  We can’t wait to have you in our audience.

Theatre in Edmonton

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