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November 29, 2016

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Theatre Yes’ Anxiety poster designed by


Created and Produced by Theatre YES
in collaboration with:

  • LoHiFi Productions (Halifax)
  • Théâtre à corps perdus (Montreal)
  • Outside the March (Toronto)
  • Curtain Razors (Regina)
  • Theatre SKAM (Victoria)
  • Northern Light Theatre (Edmonton)

“We live in an increasingly complex society. Technological advancement and the rise of electronic media have changed our lives. Our achievements have been profound and have resulted in challenges we could never have dreamed of as we adapt to our lightning paced and rapidly changing world. There is a great deal to synthesize and concurrently a great many choices to make. We are at once more aware than ever of world events and more suspicious that anything we read may be a deception. We have become a very anxious society. And there is a lot to be anxious about: super charged polarized politics, climate change, corporations with the rights of citizens and the power of countries, epidemics of loneliness, failing economies, endless choices, endless advertising, a barrage of disturbing messages from corporate media conglomerates, a crumbling social safety net … the list is long. In fact, anxiety has purportedly reached near epidemic proportions in 2016. While the experience of anxiety is as old as time itself, and possibly, a condition of our very consciousness – as we look compulsively to our futures. Perhaps our most primal and profound fear is our annihilation via time, event, or both. ANXIETY will challenge audiences to examine these phenomena through the prismatic lens of a unique collection of regional Canadian artistic voices.”  
– Heather Inglis Artistic Director Theatre YES

This ground breaking production by Theatre Yes invites six guest companies to contribute a ten-minute immersive, performance / installation styled theatre piece that examines anxiety, its mechanisms and how it shapes our lives. It is a madcap national collaboration that will explore the boundaries of new theatre practice and the possibilities of large-scale, small-scale collaborative enterprises.

Theatre Yes' ANXIETY, photo by

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After the House Lights

Northern Light Theatre is absolutely thrilled to collaborate with six other Canadian theatre companies to present Theatre Yes’ ANXIETY.

Northern Light Theatre’s spine tingling offering features a brand new script by Artistic Director Trevor Schmidt examining the unknown world of mystics, fortune telling, tarot cards, and communicating with the dead.


Actresses Karina Cox and Hannah Myers in their first costume fitting for ANXIETY, costumes by Brian Bast, photo by Trevor Schmidt


Actress Hannah Myers plays Miss Black in Anxiety, photo by Trevor Schmidt


Northern Light Theatre’s room in the space is covered in floor to ceiling vinyl fabric.  Here’s a photo of Trevor and Adam setting up the space.  Photo by Trevor Schmidt.

Tix on the Square (780) 420-1757

Theatre Yes' ANXIETY, photo by

Read more about ANXIETY in these reviews of the play:

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Adam grins as he sets up spooking lighting in Northern Light Theatre’s installation.  Photo by Trevor Schmidt.

Tix on the Square (780) 420-1757

‘Tis the Season! 
Today is Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday

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2016-2017 Season

Northern Light Theatre unveils its 41st anniversary season of producing challenging, exciting, dynamic and controversial works of live performance.  Riddled with untimely death, apprehension, anxiety and family secrets, the season will feature three plays – including two world premieres- that showcase what NLT does best: creating theatre with language rich texts that are dark, poetic, funny and which reflect a complex world and lead us to question our hierarchy of values.


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