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January 15, 2015

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  2. An interview with Flora & Fawna creators Darrin Hagen and Trevor Schmidt
  3. Northern Light Theatre Special Events

Flora & Fawna welcome you to the Magic Fairy Circle!

Flora & Fawna

Flora & Fawna

Northern Light Theatre is thrilled to present the Sterling-Award winning, sold out Fringe sensation Flora & Fawna’s Field Trip! (with Fleurette) created by Trevor Schmidt and Darrin Hagen, playing for a very limited engagement from January 15-23, 2016 at the PCL Studio Theatre in the ATB Financial Arts Barns.

Flora & Fawna

Flora & Fawna

Flora & Fawna

Heartfelt and hilarious, best friends Flora and Fawna return to the Edmonton stage to spread a message of compassion, girl power and wildness survival- complete with songs, safety tips and gift bags. 

Plus, NLT is giving you to chance to pose with the NaturElle Girls after the show for an exclusive photo op, and you can also purchase your very own NaturElle girl sticker- exclusively created for this camping trip for a donation of only 75 cents!

Flora & Fawna

Due to demand we are very pleased to be adding two more performances of Flora and Fawna's Field Trip! (with Fleurette) on Sunday Matinee January 24th, 2pm and Sunday Evening January 24th 7:30pm.

Seats in Flora & Fawna’s Magic Fairy Ring are very limited so book your tickets before they sell out by logging onto or calling the Northern Light Theatre box office at (780) 471-1586.

Flora & Fawna PROMO VIDEO

Check out these hilarious previews for Flora & Fawna and get the scoop on Trevor and Darrin’s creative process.

Edmonton Journal

Vue Weekly 

Meet the creators of Flora and Fawna- Darrin Hagin and Trevor Schmidt

Flora & Fawna

How did you two first meet?

DARRIN: We were cast in a play called TIMES SQUARE ANGEL by Charles Busch for Kaybridge Productions by Maralyn Ryan. The show description is "New York, 1948. Irish O’Flanagan is the tough as nails, red-headed headliner of the Club Intime.  A lifetime of hard knocks has left her bitter and with a chip on her shoulder the size of Mount Rushmore.  In the spirit of fantasies such as “A Christmas Carol”, “It’s a Wonderful Life” and  “The Bishop’s Wife”, an angel in the form of a sexy vaudeville magician named Albert comes down to show Irish that the path she’s been taking is leading her to disaster". Trevor played the Alfred, the angel (it was a stretch), and I played the leggy, redheaded leading lady, of course.

TREVOR: ...Of course. And we didn't really like each other.

DARRIN: No. Not really.

What was the first project that you worked on together?

DARRIN: We were producing TRANNE OF GREEN GABLES, the final instalment of the Tranne Trilogy (with TRANNY GET YOUR GUN, and L'IL ORPHAN TRANNY). I was playing Tranne , in red braids and a burlap dress and we wanted someone to play Rose Thorne, the "prettiest girl in the (w)hole of P.E.I.- and also the most eeeevil!". And we thought of Trevor, of course.

TREVOR: ...Of course. I was the Nellie Olson to your Laura Ingalls Wilder/Anne Shirley. Will people still get that reference?

DARRIN: Old people will get it.

How would you describe your joint creative process?

DARRIN: I think we work very well together. We complement each other.

TREVOR: You never compliment me!

DARRIN: Complement. With an 'e'. As in- we fill in the holes for the other person.

TREVOR: Vulgar.

DARRIN: Not like- Don't be gross! I mean, we pass pieces of script back and forth and you do one section and I do the other-

TREVOR: We equally share a lot of the writing.

DARRIN: That's what I meant.

TREVOR: I think once we've agreed on a tone for the piece, it comes together quite quickly.

DARRIN: Although, to be honest, a lot of people expect that we must fight a lot because we are both perceived to be Big Personalities.

TREVOR: But we don't fight.

DARRIN: No. We just bicker.


Did you do Beaver/Scouts (etc.) growing up?  Do you have any fond memories of it?  Do you have any terrible memories?

TREVOR: I never did. I never felt comfortable in an all-male environment. I still don't. I always feel like an outsider and that I'm just waiting for them to turn on me. 

DARRIN: I was in Boy Scouts for a year and I hated it.

Where did the idea for Flora & Fawna come from?

DARRIN: We were up in the Yukon, in Whitehorse, on a research and workshop trip for our new musical KLONDYKES, and we took a long drive from Whitehorse to Skagway-

TREVOR: It was a looong drive. Darrin forgot to renew his license, so at the car rental place I discovered that i would have to do ALL the driving .

DARRIN: I did the navigating. And took pictures. And took care of snacks. And it wasn't THAT long.

TREVOR: I had to listen to you eat for, like, four hours! That noise you make- all (garbled noises of chewing, slurping, sloshing, clacking, clicking, smacking, chomping, etc).

DARRIN: (over) So someone said "Look at all this flora and fauna" and the other one said "Those are great character names" and by the time we'd got back to Whitehorse we had brainstormed some ideas

This production of Flora & Fawna was originally staged at the Edmonton Fringe in 2014.  When you first put this show in front of an audience, what surprised you about their reactions? 

DARRIN: It was pretty incredible.

TREVOR: We're never really sure what reaction we'll get to any of our shows until it happens.

DARRIN: But in one of our early performances, a woman stayed behind. At Fringe you only have  a few minutes to strike your set for the next group to take the stage, so we basically bowed, ran offstage, and then ran straight back on to clear our set and props. But this woman struggled to get onto the stage- she had mobility issues-

TREVOR: She was quite large and used those arm crutches…?

DARRIN: And she told Trevor "I wish there had been a group of girls like this when I was that age".

TREVOR: And she cried. And then I cried.

DARRIN: And then I cried when Trevor told me.

TREVOR: There's been a lot of crying with this show.

DARRIN: Yes, there has.

You both are also in the rehearsal for another show that you are creating together called Klondykes.  Can you tell us a little more about that show?

DARRIN: It's about lesbians in the Klondike during the Gold Rush years of 1896-1899.

TREVOR: Darrin has written some beautiful music.

DARRIN: You're complimenting me!

TREVOR: … dammit.

DARRIN: To be fair- you wrote such good lyrics that I've barely had to change a word- and that's rare in composition.  It's very poetic and I think it'll show people a different side to our writing. They expect the campy, bitchy stuff we do at Fringe-

TREVOR: But it's got the 'sucker-punch' aspect that I like. 

DARRIN: We love to have the show turn at the 3/4 mark and morph into something with a bit more depth- that takes the audience by surprise. FLORA & FAWNA does that. So did TRIPLE PLATINUM. Even BITCHSLAP!.

TREVOR: I'm nervous but very excited for KLONDYKES to premiere in the Network season. It's brand-new, so we don't know how it will be received.

DARRIN: But it's been fun rehearsing it!

TREVOR: Please remind me never to rehearse two shows at the same time again.

DARRIN: Don't ever rehearse two shows at the same time again.

TREVOR: *sii-iiigh*


Flora & Fawna Special Events

Northern Light Theatre is delighted to bring back our famous, thought-provoking salon-style events which incite further dialogue and discussion.

Saturday Director's Circle

Saturday Director's Circle

Saturday, January 16, 2016
(6:15 pm Director's Circle, 7:30 pm Show)

Join Artistic Director Trevor Schmidt with co-creator Darrin Hagen as they take you through the ins and outs of the play.  Where did the inspiration come from?  How does it fit into the season? How do they work together?

With complimentary treats sponsored by Under the High Wheel

Two for One Tuesday

Two for One Tuesday

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
(7:30 pm)

We’re overjoyed to bring back our steal of deal on tickets.  Come check out Flora & Fawna’s Field Trip! (with Fleurette) and your guest gets in for free.  Two-for-one tickets are only available at the door so get there early before we sell out!

Conversation Salon with Janice Ryan

Conversation Salon with Janice Ryan

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
(7:30 pm Show, Conversation Salon Immediately After Show)

Join our guests for an enlightening and thrilling conversation about bullying and relational aggression and how we can work with girls to build safe spaces for friendship.

With complimentary treats sponsored by Famoso Pizza West Edmonton Mall


Talk Back Thursday

Talk Back Thursday

Thursday, January 21, 2016
(7:30 pm Show, Talk Back Immediately After Show)

Here's your chance to hob knob with the Director Trevor Schmidt, co-creator Darrin Hagen and actor Brian Dooley. Ready all of your burning questions and launch away!

Booty Call Performance

Booty Call Performance

Friday, January 22, 2016
(11:30 pm show

Set the stage for some late night fun with Northern Light Theatre.  All attendees of our Late Night Booty Call performance will be entered to win a prize gift basket from Lacombe Park Spirits and the Travelling Tickle Trunk.    

While Flora and Fawna’s prime time field trip is suitable for all ages, the late night show will contain mature content and is not suitable for children.

Due to demand we are very pleased to be adding two more performances of Flora and Fawna's Field Trip! (with Fleurette) on Sunday Matinee January 24th, 2pm and Sunday Evening January 24th 7:30pm.

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