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October 15, 2015

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  1. Opening This Week- THE GOOD BRIDE by Rosemary Rowe
  2. Meet the Playwright- Part Three of our Exclusive Interview with The Good Bride Playwright, Rosemary Rowe
  3. THE GOOD BRIDE Special Events
  4. Online sales for subscriptions, donations and single tickets are now available
  5. How to Subscribe to Northern Light Theatre's 40th Anniversary Season, including your last chance to buy a discounted ticket with your season subscription to Flora & Fawna's Field Trip! (with Fleurette)

Opening This Week!

The Good Bride

THE GOOD BRIDE  by Rosemary Rowe

October 16-24, 2015  (Preview October 15)
PCL Studio in the ATB Financial Arts Barns 10330-84 Avenue

The Good Bride

“I just don’t understand why Pete won’t come. I just want him to come for me.”

Every night from 3 p.m. to midnight, fifteen year old Maranatha Graham puts on her homemade wedding dress and hopes that today will be the day her groom Pete picks her up from the Pullman's house, where Daddy sent her to wait. Pete could arrive at any moment. But as her wait wears on, Maranatha has an increasingly difficult time ignoring Satan's whisperings…

The Good Bride

The Good Bride

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The Good Bride

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Meet Rosemary Rowe

Northern Light Theatre is delighted to present the world premiere of THE GOOD BRIDE by Rosemary Rowe running October 15-24, 2015. Here’s the final section of our interview with playwright Rosemary Rowe.

The Good Bride

Northern Light Theatre is delighted to present the world premiere of THE GOOD BRIDE by Rosemary Rowe running October 15-24, 2015.  Over the next few newsletters, we’ll share our interview with Rosemary.

TREVOR:  What's your own religious upbringing? Did it influence the writing of the play?

ROSEMARY: My religious upbringing was a bit of a patchwork. My mom grew up Catholic and my dad was United, but neither of them was really into religion when I was a kid. We used to go to the Moravian church in our neighbourhood, but that seemed to be more about community than Jesus. I also did all of my swimming lessons and day camp at the local Jewish Community Centre – I learned Israel’s national anthem in Hebrew and how to braid challah - so I actually thought we were Jewish until I was 10 and the Gideons showed up in my Grade 5 Music room and handed out their cute little New Testaments. I was really shattered when I discovered that, ethnographically speaking, I was not one of the Chosen People.

In my teens, I tried to become Christian religious – I went to a lot of different churches with different friends and tried to get into Jesus, but I always knew I was faking it. Then when I was 16, Stewart Lemoine cast me as a nun in The Spanish Abbess of Pilsen and I realized that I didn’t want to BE nun – I just wanted to play one on TV!

The performance of religion vs. actual faith has always fascinated me; while I never found the Lord, I collected Catholic iconography for years and several of my plays involve characters searching for faith or trying to experience it. So it was interesting change to write about someone whose faith is already so strong and solid and what it looks like when that very sincere faith is tested.

TREVOR:   What's society's fascination with the Duggars and their meteoric rise to fame- and subsequent fall from grace? Are there redeeming qualities of 'family values' or is it a tragically misguided 'cult-like' community?

ROSEMARY:  I honestly don't know why I'm so fascinated by the Duggars and their radical beliefs and their extreme reproduction and their terrible clothes and their constant talk of God's faithfulness and their innocently fellating pickles and their waiting for their dad to okay some dude to court them and their eyes shut, fingers in ears, "LALALALALALA"-ing to keep the rest of the world out. But I CAN'T LOOK AWAY, even now that their show has been cancelled and Josh’s career is over. Like, I still follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

I think the Duggars were great spokespeople for their faith because their show made Quiverfull look easy – their kids are cute and generally well-behaved and respectful, they live well but not TOO well. People like to see a happy family. They did all the right things and God blessed them. They were living the long-haired, crunchy-banged dream and for years, they used their show as a “ministry” to further their IFB agenda.

In the end, for me, part of the appeal of the Duggars is that, on some level, like Mulder, I want to believe. On some level, I really envy people of the Duggar’s and Maranatha’s faith; it must be so comforting to actually believe that God has a plan for your life and that you really can just let Jesus take the wheel. There’s something very appealing about that idea. But I think that a lot of the biblical literalism and focus on women’s “purity” and just generally archaic ideas about gender and sexuality make it a very toxic culture for everyone involved.

But come see the play! It’s good!

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The Good Bride Special Events

Northern Light Theatre is delighted to bring back our famous, thought-provoking salon-style events which incite further dialogue and discussion.

Pay What You Can Preview (and Free Student Preview)

Pay What You Can Preview (and Free Student Preview)

Thursday, October 15, 2015 (7:30 pm)

Come join us in our first audience and get a bargain on tickets! Students get a free ticket (bring your valid student ID) and its Pay What You Can for everyone else!

Director’s Circle

Director’s Circle

Saturday, October 17, 2015
(6:15 pm Director’s Circle, 7:30 pm Show)

Join Artistic Director Trevor Schmidt and Playwright Rosemary Rowe as they take you through the ins and outs of the play.  Where did the inspiration come from?  How does it fit into the season?

With complimentary treats sponsored by Under the High Wheel

Two for One Tuesday

Two for One Tuesday

Tuesday, October 20, 2015
(7:30 pm Show)

We’re overjoyed to bring back our steal of deal on tickets.  Come check out THE GOOD BRIDE and your guest gets in for free.  Two-for-one tickets are only available at the door so get there early before we sell out!

Conversation Salon

Conversation Salon with Maggie Barton Baird and Dan Taylor

Wednesday, October 21, 2015
(7:30 pm Show, Conversation Salon Immediately After Show)

Join our two guests for an enlightening and thrilling conversation about the customs and traditions (both religious and non-religious) of wedding ceremonies over the past century.

Maggie Barton Baird is the driving force behind MB&COMPANY, a boutique wedding & event planning service.  She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Stage Management from the University of Alberta and is the Events Manager for the Art Gallery of Alberta and the Festival Manager for the Nextfest Emerging Arts Festival.

Dan Taylor is a Pastor and Comic based in Edmonton, AB. After over a decade of experience speaking all over Western Canada, Dan began to make an impact on the comedy scene as well. He was named SiriusXM Edmonton's top comic and opened for Russell Peters at Rexall Place and performed at JFL42 in Toronto. Drawing on his experience as a husband, father, social worker, pastor, and barista, Dan's unique background enables him to connect with a diverse audience. Dan's versatility is making him a sought after comic and communicator across Canada. Dan is the Lead Pastor at Disciples Church in Edmonton.

With complimentary treats sponsored by Famoso Pizza West Edmonton Mall

Talk Back Thursday

Talk Back Thursday

Thursday, October 22, 2015
(7:30 pm Show, Talk Back Immediately After Show)

Here’s your chance to hob knob with the Director Trevor Schmidt and Actor Arielle Rombough.  Ready all of your burning questions and launch away!

Booty Call Performance

Booty Call Performance

Friday, October 23, 2015
(10:30 pm Cocktails and Mingling, 11:30 pm show)

Set the stage for some late night fun with Northern Light Theatre.  All attendees of our Late Night Booty Call performance will be entered to win a prize gift basket from Lacombe Park Spirits and the Travelling Tickle Trunk.

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NLT's 40th Season

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by Darrin Hagen & Trevor Schmidt
January 15-23, 2016 (Preview January 14) 
PCL Studio in the ATB Financial Arts Barns 10330-84 Avenue

“My mom says that there will always be conflict in our lives.  No matter how nice and good and decent we are.  My other mother says ‘sometimes people treat you poopy for no reason.’ But she didn’t say poopy.”

Best friends Flora and Fawna (along with their pal, Fleurette) are creating a safe place for girls just like them by launching The NaturElles, a social group with a difference. Come inside the Magic Fairy Ring, and you'll develop wilderness survival skills, collect badges, and learn new campfire songs. No Mean Girls Allowed! 

Opening Night Subscription $75.00
Adult Subscription $70.00
Student /Senior Subscription $50.00
Preview Night Subscription $36.00
2015-2016 Subscriptions do not include tickets to our exclusive performance of FLORA & FAWNA'S FIELD TRIP! (WITH FLEURETTE).  To add on this production, add $15.00 to your subscription price. 
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